Sunday, June 7, 2009

Get Involved!

It's time for YOU the reader to get involved in the blog!
I want to know what you think about strategies in Risk 2210. Write me a comment and let me know what your own personal favorite strategy is. Even if you play another version of Risk, include the strategy you like best and tell why it works for you. Throw out some tips or tricks of the trade if you have any.
Thanks and happy Risk playing!


  1. Hi there, interesting blog. I would like to see an article re your experiences with the commanders and where they are best placed when bought or awarded and throughout the battle.

    Also, do you have any house rules to play 2210 for 100% domination similar to classic risk, as I have not yet found a set of rules that work well. Although the 5 year rule is a step in the right direction for shortening an already lengthy game, our group often likes a 100% territory domination game, but we have to go back to classic risk for this.


  2. Thanks for your input. I was beginning to think nobody read my blog. I will put together a post on strategy involving commanders.
    Also, no my friends and I do not have any house rules for playing 2210 to world domination. We have often talked about doing it, but never have, since the 5 year version already takes us an average of 4 hours. I would guess it would be similar to classic risk, just with cards and commanders. If ever we do actually decide to do it, I'll definitely make a post about it.