Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hello everyone. I'm sorry I haven't updated this in a while. I haven't played the game in some time and I sort of lost interest in keeping this going. Not so much, however, that I wont start posting regularly again if people actually want to read it. So, if enough people tell me they are interested I will continue publishing this blog. Post your comments! Thanks!


  1. Would still be interested in reading this, especially your commander posts, but if you're not in to it anymore why bother?

  2. Well, coincidentally I just got back into it. My friends and I have played a few games recently and plan to do it sort of regularly. So I'll go ahead and keep posting. Check back soon for the next one, and tell your friends to read!

  3. Hi, risk2210 is a fantastic game and as much as I loved regular risk when I grew up, nothing can compare to this game. Fun of risk, but the power of tactics. Great.

    Couple of questions I could not get answer to from the manual. My friends and I had a game last night and got in a minor argument about two things.

    1. Scatterbomb hits a land with only 1 unit, does that unit die and the land is lost?

    2. A player attacks from spacestation to moon and then decides to retreat. The usermanual says one-way-trip (maybe a misunderstanding) but can he then retreat from a moonattack and back to earth?

    Best Regards

  4. Hi Ray,
    I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you on this. I'm really scatterbrained when it comes to this blog so I really don't get to it very often. I'll try to check more regularly for comments and start getting some more posts up soon. I'll try to answer your questions as best I can.

    1. Yes, that mod is killed and the land is lost. It's a bummer when a scatterbomb hits one of your territories with only 1 mod and causes you to lose a continent bonus. Some of my friends prefer to leave 2 mods on each territory as a result of that and the threat of "the mother". I've since decided that the chances of being mothered are actually very small, but I still do fear the scatterbombs. As a result I actually use a pen and paper to plan some strategy during the game. Every time a land card from the deck is used via scatterbomb, scout forces, or something similar, I write it down. Those cards go to the bottom of the game and will most likely not appear again during that game. That way I know which of my lands are in danger and which aren't.

    2. I'm assuming you mean the player is attacking a territory which contains an entrance dot on the moon. The player attacks, does not take the territory, then decides to call of the invasion. This is perfectly legal as the player never actually made it onto the moon. If that's not what you mean, though, please correct me.
    The one-way-trip thing can be pretty misleading. It's really only talking about making attacks from moon to earth, which is illegal (unless you're using an invade earth card). But other things, including moving commanders via the decoys revealed card of making end-of-turn reinforcements are ok as far as traveling back and forth to the moon goes.

    Hope this helps and please keep reading! I'll be posting again soon!

  5. I quite like the idea that troops attacking from the earth to the moon go on a one way trip up. And it makes sense too. They're an invading force in a hostile land without an easy retreat, so they must either succeed or die. A rule variant would be that attacker must declare how many troops will invade and then those troops must fight to the death, unless they have another friendly moon adjacent moon territory to retreat to. Same rule could apply on an earth invasion. Victory or death!