Friday, April 17, 2009

Game 1, Part 2: Lane

Ok, here goes the second part of the game that was played.
Year 1
I (Lane) started off the game placing men in North America (NA). I placed my entire force in the southern part, while James placed half of his force in the northern part. During my first turn, I purchase a Land Commander and a Nuke Commander, and take down James' force, which allows me to take the entire continent of NA.
Year 2
During my second turn, I propose a deal to Steven, who to the south of me, in South America(SA). He has been in a battle with Chris for the waters in the west that allow access to Asia. I know he is planning on taking them back from Chris, and I want to take the waters in the Atlantic. We agree not to attack each other both in our respective continents and water territories. James is in Europe(EU) to my East.
My grand strategy:
  • Take and hold North America and the North Atlantic waters(NAW)
  • Ally with Steven in the south and weaken James in the East
  • Prepare to invade Asia from NA in year 5
After making the deal with Steven, I prepared to attack James. My plan was to make sure he could never be powerful enough to attack me from EU and possibly even gain a foothold and take EU myself. This turned out to be a mistake on my part. I didn't see a cease fire card coming when I declared my attack, and it stopped me in my tracks. I was forced to fortify and hope that James could not retaliate.
Year 3
He did retaliate. He bid to go before me in year 3 and was able to take my NA bonus during his turn. In my next turn I took it back, and offered a deal to James between NA+NAW and EU, which he accepts because of the fact that Steven has made his way into EU and is threatening James from the other side. Also during my 3rd turn, I play 2 scout forces, which happen to be close together in EU and Africa.
During the same year, Darrin plays an invade earth card, with which he is given the chance to invade a territory of mine in NA with a very large force on the moon. I am forced to promise him that I will never attack him on the moon in return for him not attacking me at that moment.
With neither James nor Steven a threat any longer because of the deals, I am able to begin to focus attention on Asia.
Year 4
Before I am able to, however, Chris plays the armageddon card, allowing him and all others to play nuke cards free of charge. For me, this utter and mostly random devastation results in the loss of both my NA bonus and NAW bonus.
In the 4th year, I have only enough resources to take back my bonuses, buy a diplomat and some diplomat cards, and wait.
Year 5
By my turn in year 5, which is the first turn, Steven has completely replaced James in EU, making my previous deal void. I decide to attempt to take EU with a large force I have set up in the NAW. My scout forces in northern Africa and EU will help me. The closest threat to me once I have EU will be Darrin, who has a few forces in Africa, and many on the moon. I promise him that I will take a bonus away from Chris on the moon during my turn, which greatly benefits him, in return for him never attacking me in EU. I'm able to take EU from Steven, taking him out of that area of the board, and take James completely out of the game in the process.
Chris plays next. I assume that he will attack me, but have a cease fire that I'm ready to play in the event that he does. To prevent this from happening, though, Chris is able to assassin bomb my diplomat and my land commander, making it impossible for me to use any cards. He attacks with a large force that takes out most of my forces in EU and several in NA.
I finish the game with 8 territories, a bonus of 2 for having NAW, and a colony influence card (for water) worth 3. A score of 13 and 4th place.
Crucial Moments:
  • Attempting to attack James and failing, then being attacked by James
  • Making deals with Steven, James, and later Darrin
  • Armageddon
  • Being assassin bombed and attacked by Chris
Once again, please comment. Let me know what could have been done better. What did I do right or wrong? What would you have done differently? Thanks and look out for Game 1, Part 3: Chris coming soon.


  1. Awesome Lane!

    I can't wait to get in on this action.

  2. You think you'll ever finish blogging about this game.

  3. I'm interested to hear the rest.